Jun 26

If you frequently receive email that needs to be followed-up with a meeting, here’s a Microsoft Entourage calendaring shortcut you’ll love – Create Event from Message.

The built-in Entourage script, Create Event from Message, creates a new calendar event (meeting invitation) using the subject and body of the currently open mail message (or the mail message that is currently focused on). So, whether you have a particular piece of mail open in its own window or have one highlighted, press Control+E (otherwise written as ^E) to activate the Create Event from Message script.

Let’s run through an example. Continue reading »

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Jun 24

When you install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, My Day conveniently adds itself to your list of applications to start up at login and pops-up in the upper-right hand corner of your screen each time you log into your Mac. If you’d like to get prevent My Day from starting up at login there are a couple ways to get rid of it. Continue reading »

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Jun 19


Windows Explorer - Send to Mail Recipient

Windows Explorer - Send to Mail Recipient

Are you a Windows-convert and miss the ability to right-click on a file and choose “Send to Mail Recipient”? Look no further, Automator is here. I can’t recall just how often I made use of Windows Explorer’s context menu selection “Send Mail to Recipient”, but know that it was enough to leave me wanting after switching to Mac OS X.

This article applies to OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and OS X 10.5 (Leopard), not OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Here’s how you can use an Automator workflow to create this same functionality in OS X Finder’s context menu. Continue reading »

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Jun 17

I have heard variations of this question asked over and over:

How do I make a resource reservation in Entourage?

…or similarly…

How do I schedule a meeting room in Entourage?

While Entourage does not support the same resource booking functionality that Outlook does, I’m able to successfully schedule conference rooms, including Cisco Telepresence rooms in Entourage Continue reading »

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Jun 10

The measly 350MB mailbox quota allotted by my corporate IT department has me being creative with the storage of my email. Many of the other information workers I know suffer the same plight. If you are a Microsoft Entourage (the Mac OS X cousin to Microsoft Outlook) like me and like to avoid paying for tools (like EEAX or MailSteward), I hope this how-to helps assuage your mail storage, archival and backup woes. In my opinion, how to Archive Your Data by Microsoft Entourage Help and other articles like “In Entourage, how do I archive my mail?” do a mediocre job of informing us about the caveats involved in archiving mail. The two native export options I’ll speak of are:

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Jun 08

While some folks may find the Grab application handy, I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts to take pictures of the screen in Mac OS X. There are a few ways to snapshot your desktop… Continue reading »

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Jun 05

How to remove the iSync (or MobileMe icon) from your Mac OS X menu bar:

  1. Temporarily remove icon – Hold CMD, then click and drag the icon off the bar.
  2. Permanently remove icon – Open iSync and deselect “Show status in menu bar”.
iSync Preferences Screenshot

iSync Preferences Screenshot

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Jun 01

A few easy steps can get your custom image on gravatar-enabled blogs.

As a blogger, you’ve undoubtedly seen many different avatars — custom images that represent certain commentators. These images are a kind of personal logo that identifies them and says something about their personality. Continue reading »

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