Jul 31

Headquartered in what has become my hometown, SolarWinds shares a campus with AMD in the southwestern corner of Austin. The majority of the existing, product suite is comprised of componentized, enterprise-architected, Windows-oriented network, systems, security, database management software. Many (not all) of these offerings were from one of ~18 acquisitions, with the latest (LogicNow) in early June of this year. These acquisitions include three SaaS offerings, LibratoPapertrail and Pingdom, giving SolarWinds continuous-delivery known-how and a splash of DevOps culture. Continue reading »

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Jan 08

Herein lies a comparison of two similar, embedded network configuration management protocols: Cisco’s Web Services Management Agent (WSMA) and NETCONF. This comparative analysis is broken down into different functional categories, each containing a category winner (based on my own opinion). This analysis is taken from a Cisco device-centric perspective.

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