Jun 10

The measly 350MB mailbox quota allotted by my corporate IT department has me being creative with the storage of my email. Many of the other information workers I know suffer the same plight. If you are a Microsoft Entourage (the Mac OS X cousin to Microsoft Outlook) like me and like to avoid paying for tools (like EEAX or MailSteward), I hope this how-to helps assuage your mail storage, archival and backup woes. In my opinion, how to Archive Your Data by Microsoft Entourage Help and other articles like “In Entourage, how do I archive my mail?” do a mediocre job of informing us about the caveats involved in archiving mail. The two native export options I’ll speak of are:

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Jun 08

While some folks may find the Grab application handy, I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts to take pictures of the screen in Mac OS X. There are a few ways to snapshot your desktop… Continue reading »

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Jun 05

How to remove the iSync (or MobileMe icon) from your Mac OS X menu bar:

  1. Temporarily remove icon – Hold CMD, then click and drag the icon off the bar.
  2. Permanently remove icon – Open iSync and deselect “Show status in menu bar”.
iSync Preferences Screenshot

iSync Preferences Screenshot

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Jun 01

A few easy steps can get your custom image on gravatar-enabled blogs.

As a blogger, you’ve undoubtedly seen many different avatars — custom images that represent certain commentators. These images are a kind of personal logo that identifies them and says something about their personality. Continue reading »

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