I am an innovative thought leader, passionate about empowering engineers – building best-in-class teams and offerings – with a solid record of leveraging advanced and emerging technologies for competitive advantage, improving processes and speed of delivery on the way to driving revenue and market share.

With nearly 20 years of combined technical, management and leadership experience with globally distributed, agile teams throughout full software development lifecycle. I look to profoundly impact by leading strategy and development of product and delivery of services at the intersection of clouds, containers, networks, systems and applications.

I’m an organizer of Microservices and Container Austin, Austin Serverless and Docker Austin meetups and Container Summit Austin and Container Days Austin conferences.

I work with The New StackInfo World, O’Reilly (webcasts, posts and forthcoming book), Canonical, The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Also, I have a book in-progress titled Developer Defined Infrastructure using Tectonic and Kubernetes via Packt Publishing.

I’m a Docker Captain and a Cloud Native Ambassador. I’m active in the CNCF’s governed projects, within its Networking, Serverless, OpenMetrics working groups and demo project. As a member of ONUG, I work within Monitoring & Analytics. I’m formerly a member of the DMTF, where I helped deliver the Redfish 1.0 specification and previously, a member of the Center for Internet Security, where I help advance the Docker Benchmark.

I advise a few startups, including Twistlock and occasionally podcast and speak (index).