Jul 31

Headquartered in what has become my hometown, SolarWinds shares a campus with AMD in the southwestern corner of Austin. The majority of the existing, product suite is comprised of componentized, enterprise-architected, Windows-oriented network, systems, security, database management software. Many (not all) of these offerings were from one of ~18 acquisitions, with the latest (LogicNow) in early June of this year. These acquisitions include three SaaS offerings, LibratoPapertrail and Pingdom, giving SolarWinds continuous-delivery known-how and a splash of DevOps culture.

SolarWinds is bimodal both in how offerings are built and delivered, but also in terms of customer environments its software manages. With Mode 1 offerings in hand, SolarWinds is well-poised and funded for new product initiatives and acquisitions moving toward Mode 2 offerings. With this in mind, I join forces at SolarWinds. I’ll highlight a few attractions to coming aboard:

  • company recently privatized, freeing itself from external (Street) pressure
  • recently refreshed set of well-experienced leadership
  • headquartered in Austin – a refreshing change for me from having led high profile initiatives from branch campuses
  • a forward-looking mindset toward new offerings; SaaS know-how embedded with the acquisitions of Librato, Papertrail and Pingdom
  • alignment with my long-standing love of empowering engineers to work smarter with great software

I anticipate a smooth acclimation to the company (given its culture) and role given that developer platforms, management and automation software have been, not the only, but a consistent theme throughout my career:

In the office of the CTO and chartered with technology strategy for the existing product lines and forward-looking ventures, I look forward to new challenges and relationships, and in doing so, reuniting and partnering with a former cohort from Cisco and Seagate. It seems acquisitions truly are SolarWinds’ forte – team acquisition in this case.