Jun 05

How to remove the iSync (or MobileMe icon) from your Mac OS X menu bar:

  1. Temporarily remove icon – Hold CMD, then click and drag the icon off the bar.
  2. Permanently remove icon – Open iSync and deselect “Show status in menu bar”.
iSync Preferences Screenshot

iSync Preferences Screenshot

12 Responses to “How to Remove the iSync (MobileMe) icon from Menu Bar”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Thanks, I'd been trying to get rid of that icon for longer than I'd care to admit!

  2. lcalcote Says:

    Right on, Andrew. Glad it helped.

  3. Christopher Says:

    OMG I've read like 100 posts and this is the first one to actually work! Te Amo!

  4. stiksi Says:

    For some reason the icon just won't leave me alone. Every few weeks I find it back on my menu bar. I've done both steps mentioned here. It's amazingly persistent. :/

  5. Michael Says:

    I am using Snow Leopard, and I could not find the iSync icon in [System Preferences]. Perhaps they removed it in Snow Leopard. But you can launch iSync in the Applications folder, and turn off the {Show Status on Menu Bar} option in the iSync Preference. Hope this helps!

  6. lcalcote Says:

    Michael, I'd originally written this article under the context of Leopard. Thanks much for your feedback with regard to this functionality in Snow Leopard.

  7. rocketmouse Says:

    Permanently remove icon – Open iSync and deselect “Show status in menu bar”.
    I'd like to remove that icon permanently, but in my Leopard's MobileMe PreferencePane there is no “Show status in menu bar.” Only sign-in boxes and "propaganda" for trying it free for 60 days. I tried looking in Applications for it, even though it said Snow Leopard (…) but there was neither iSync nor MobileMe there. The icon showed up in my menu bar for the first time this morning (I've only used this setup for 5 years…) – I didn't even recognize the symbol, which I first thought had something to do with Time Machine. That one keeps coming back even though I have Time Machine turned off. Is there another way to turn it/them off permanently?

  8. enzonen Says:

    Never thought that iSync was the cause of that horrible, useless spot on my menu bar. Thanks so much for saving my screen space.

  9. bianca Says:

    open isync. click isync on the menu bar. select "preferences" a window should pop up with the option to "show status in menu bar" deselect that option.
    the same should work for time machine. open program and click "set up time machine". this should bring you to a screen with the option to "show status in menu bar", once again just deselect. lock changes& quit application.

  10. Marcos Zanona Says:

    I'm not sure about the second method being 'permanent'.
    You can check the option on iSync preferences but the next time you decide to synchronize your address book with google contacts or any other the icon will pop up again and then you will have to repeat the process.
    That option is so not true. Why do they create something like that?
    In my case the quicker and easier `option 1` did the job.
    Cheers :)

  11. Health Says:

    This is a work of a person whose heart is on writing! Nice post!

  12. Wuzz Says:

    Oh great thanks for the help!

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